Be Yourself Fellow #Nerds #Geeks and #Dorks

Nerd, Geek, Dork, etc. are all compliments to the people who profess and claim to be them. We have made a choice to be those things because we want to be ourselves. It’s all good. Be proud fellow nerds, geeks and dorks of who you are and show the world your heart, soul and mind. Keep on rocking in the freak world!

Something About Service

It’s my experience that if you want to get anything done with the help of someone else kindness and understanding go a long way in that effort. You also must realize that you are not the most important person to be helped in any given day. Sometimes you have to wait in line like everyone else. When you have to solve a problem and the only way to create a solution it means being humble and contrite when needed. From my experience you have to be patient because it might take some time to get it done. You also have to know that you are not always going to get your way. Companies have rules and policies in place that protect them in their relationships with their customers.  Sometimes there is a resolution that will be fair for both parties involved but realize that you might not like the outcome of your situation.

Having worked in customer service in my life the best people to work with are ones who are helpful themselves. You have to be bought into the process too. I think raising your voice and behaving poorly won’t get you too far, it just makes you look like a fool. Service with a smile means we all need to smile. Remember your problem isn’t always the end of the world.

Throwback Thursday – The Monkees “Daydream Believer” #TBT #Monkees

Here is a total blast from the past. The Monkees were a big part of the TV and music scene in the mid-to-late 1960’s. NBC first introduced them to America as a group of four lads starting a band and the adventures that ensued. As a group they had some very memorable hits on the radio that has been played on radio and streaming audio for years.

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