My #Chattanooga Mocs Won Again. #gomocs 

Winning against your bitter rival is awesome. They remain undefeated on the 2016 college football season.

Unpacking Your Stuff

Today I spent some time unpacking some stuff from the luggage of my heart and soul. I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner. Journaling independent of one’s blog is a good way to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper or pixels. Your experiences shape who you are and if they can help someone else then its a good thing. Now not everything has to or should be shared, everyone is entitled to keeping things close to home. You owe it to yourself to unpack things to get it off your shoulders.

Perhaps I need to do more exploring things rattling around in my head using a word processor vs. WordPress. A private stream of consciousness can help you organize your thoughts and to make sense of things that trouble your soul. Many of you do this already so this is old hat, for me this is a new thing I hope to do more of because I find writing stuff out can help me make more sense of it all.

Hello October 2016, Wow You Are Here!


I can’t believe it’s October. This year is flying by, which it seems to do this time of year. Before you know it we will be in full-blown holiday mode from the end of the month to the end of the year. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Let’s have a great month everyone.