Win or Lose, Life Does Go On #sports

I shouldn’t allow a win or a loss of one of my favorite teams to dictate my mood. After all it’s just sports and there are way more important things to be worried about. For too long I hooked my identity to teams and their colors. So many of my friends do that and it can really impact their moods and attitude about life. I have gotten myself all worked up about a game that I felt let down by people who did their best in the arena of play.

People handle disappointment in different ways and adding the stress of sports to it all isn’t good. I guess it’s one thing about human nature we all have to deal with from ourselves and others.

Win or lose, life goes on. Sports is a part of life, it isn’t all there is to life. I can’t forget this. Maybe all sports fans can all learn from this.

Status Update

Hello friends, I have had a good Saturday so far. It started with scratch made waffles then laundry and getting a few things done today. Football is a big thing today too. I appear to have a heel spur on my left foot so that is something I am not enjoying. I hope you all are having a great day.