Two Kingdoms Of Blogging

Blogging Still RulesThe world of blogging has two unique kingdoms (probably more) where you have recreational bloggers and then professional bloggers. Sometimes your recreational blog turns into your professional blog but most times your recreational blog is a personal one you do for fun and. Both types are about making connections and sharing your ideas and thoughts.

A professional blog is about your livelihood and you have to address it and treat it differently. You are always finding ways to increase your viewership and there is the whole analytics thing. Also there is that building a brand thing where people will think of your site as a destination.

Blogging for fun means just that. Posting whatever you want so that you can express who you are and to connect with a diverse audience of people from around the world. It’s more of a hobby than you are trying to build a brand.

No matter how you blog the hope is that there is some passion and enjoyment behind it. Anyway you do it, I hope everyone keeps on blogging.

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