Something About Service

What someone does for someone else or an organization should be considered something of value. In many cases services rendered is a very valuable asset. Diminishing the contributions of those who work hard is not a good thing to do. I think people and what offer to a cause is the driving force behind a movement or a cause. You don’t get far without good people making things happen. A balance of praise and feedback can make the services better for all concerned. So when you are looking to build something up and make it even more valuable a good word or two can go a long way in advancing what you want to achieve.

Baby It Is Cold in #Chattanooga. It Was In The 20’s This Morning

This morning it got down into the twenties (F) in Chattanooga this morning. It is the coldest its been in quite some time. I felt like this tune was appropriate today as it is approaching winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.

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