A Refreshed Reader for 2017

I am liking the new reader for WordPress.com. They are doing some cool things to bring content to our screens. This is a cool innovation.

WordPress.com News

Reader is WordPress.com’s town square, where you can follow your favorite sites and read them in a distraction-free environment. We’ve been working on a refresh for months, and we’re thrilled to share it with you today. For readers, we hope these changes will surprise and delight you, adding more diversity to your stream and exposing you to posts you’ll love. And for writers, we want to put your awesome work in front of a whole new audience.

A Simplified Design

We want Reader to feel like a magazine you can cozy up with, so we’ve streamlined the design, featuring clean text on a simple white background. We’ve also increased the information density so you can see more of the sites you love with less scrolling.

New Post Layouts

There’s a huge variety of content in Reader. We want to make sure it looks great no matter what, so the layout now responds to what’s in the post. For example…

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Not Always Friendly

It’s hard to be nice and friendly all the time. The constant giving of yourself can be exhausting. I don’t always want to start a conversation with people. Maybe it’s just being tired at the end of a day or something like that. I need to just chill out and not try to win over everyone I come in contact with. Perhaps I just need to not try so hard. I’m only human. 

Wordless Wednesday – The Fallen Of Sandy Hook Elementary #sandyhook

Four years ago these people lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut as a result of gun violence.
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