White Christmas – A Holiday Classic

Watching this classic Christmas movie this evening. It’s a favorite of mine and many others.

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Filled with awesome music, great acting and real dancing this movie is a classic during the holidays. I am into all the sentimental schmaltz during this time of year and this movie does it for me. Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen are simply divine and give us some of the greatest song and dance numbers in cinema history.

If they were to do a “updated” version I could see Harry Connick, Jr., Neil Patrick Harris, Lea Michelle and Juliane Hough cast to take on those iconic roles of Wallace and Davis and The Haynes Sisters.

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TV and Profanity

badlanguageWatching a movie with a modest amount of profanity on basic cable TV is kind of funny when they edit the profanity out. Yeah I am still a fan of regular cable TV and have not cut the cord yet primarily because of over the air signals are hard to get where I live. So when you watch a movie that has curse words and even tasteful nudity edited out it is almost comical. I guess it’s what you have to do to show some movies to a wider audience. I have thought about swearing and think it’s OK if you are showing extreme emotion but if it’s used in a way that it becomes just something to say because the writer couldn’t figure out something else to say then it loses it’s intended effect. It’s really surprising what doesn’t surprises us these days. Cussing on TV is one of those things that has made us a little desensitized to the whole world of profanity.

Dammit, I forgot to use an actual curse word in this whole post on profanity! How dare me.

Daily Prompt: Fortune

Fortune is a loaded word. It can be the result of hard work or pure luck. It’s something that isn’t always about accumulation of wealth but opportunities to do exciting things in life. Carnivals have people who can predict your future by telling your fortune in the palm of your hands. There is a school of thought that you have to make your own fortune and not to let it just come to you. Whatever your fortune might be, I hope its a good one.

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