When A Post Bombs, Yep Sometimes It Does #blogging

Insider-Advice-12-Cyber-Security-Tips-for-Bloggers-2Sometimes a post isn’t your best work. It kind of goes over like a lead balloon or something like that. You put a lot of mental effort into it or perhaps its something you think people might find interesting or inspirational. Pride in your posts can taint how you write down the road if you let it. Not every post will shine like a diamond, some will go thud. It’s interesting how people react to things online and in real life. It really is hard to please everyone but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

She Won On Jeopardy and In Life For Others

(From CBS News) Cindy Stowell was battling stage-four colon cancer when she had a six-game “Jeopardy” winning streak, earning over $100,000. She never told her friends of family, wanting them to watch for themselves when the episodes aired.

This is inspirational and heart breaking at the same time. She had a mission and fulfilled it. Her death is a very sad thing but what she did for Cancer research will help others for a long time.

Daily Prompt: Calm

Calm is a place in as much as it’s a state of being. Let’s face it, the world is full of chaos and you have to find space in it to have peace and tranquility. Our emotions get the best of us so we need that chill to keep us from going bonkers. There is something fascinating about people who can stay calm during the greatest storms. Is it that they don’t care or perhaps they do but choose not to sweat it out. It is a great thing to find calm amongst the storm. Chill out good people, if you can.

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