Getting Personal With

wordpress-com-logo-decodedreviewI upgraded my blog to the Personal Plan on today. This means more storage (6 gigs instead of 3 gigs), ads will no longer appear on my page and my domain is active until November of next year. All of that cost me under $16 for the year, you can’t beat that. As a person who runs a personal blog I have found that I don’t need every bell and whistle and I have no plans on making any money from my site. Having the fine folks at Automattic/ take care of all the heavy lifting behind the scenes is something I am happy about. What this means is that I am extending my presence here for the long term so you get more of my special brand of nerdiness and dorkiness. Upgrading is a good thing.

Purging Digital Memories, It’s Not Always Easy, But Necessary


Purging the digital memories of the past can be easy but difficult at the same time. You know you will never need the things you are getting rid of again but there is always a what if or just in case thing at play. Getting rid of old files and that sort of thing can be tough but you can’t keep everything. Backups even need to be purged too to free up space but to keep your digital life current.

It’s another reminder you can only move forward and create new experiences and making room digitally is a good thing. Your digital past are the building blocks of your future.

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