Do I Wish Harm To Trump and Pence? No But I Wish For Them Four Hard Years.

We have had a lot of deaths of note-worthy people in 2016. Many of them have made significant contributions to the life and culture of this country. Granted I don’t wish ill on anyone but I did make a joke about Donald Trump and Mike Pence being a couple that could be taken.

As we leave 2016 behind and we know what sort of year it’s been I don’t hold hope for 2017. The new administration will do some serious damage to the rights of minorities and the LGBTQ community. They will repeal health care for millions who have been saved by it. They will do serious damage to education and the environment. Donald Trump is already showing his presidency will be Twitter-driven.

His policies will roll back the progress that has been made in making this a more just society for those on the fringes and those who have been denied a seat at the table of equality and justice. We should not abide by this man and he should be challenged at every turn. My fear is that our government will turn back into one that serves a privileged few and those who felt on the outskirts who voted for him will be left behind. So perhaps Trump and Pence need to feel the heat and be held accountable for every person who will be adversely affected in the next four years.

$ Signs

dollar-signI am not the greatest when it comes to punctuation but I do know that when you talk about American currency you put the dollar sign ($) before you put the number. It’s something I learned a long time ago and its the proper way of writing it. Lately I have seen a trend of writing for example 200$ as in 200 dollars, it’s supposed to be $200. It might be a little thing but for those who are in writing, publishing and marketing that can make or break your business because details are actually a big thing if you are trying to win over clients and gain new business.

Throwback Thursday – Queen – Under Pressure #TBT

Today I am feeling the pressure from several directions. Queen featuring the late David Bowie sings for me today. Pressure sucks!