Flashback Friday – Eminem – Berzerk (Live on SNL) #FBF

Yeah, I do like some rap, surprise! This performance by Eminem on SNL a few years ago was just awesome. It’s a mixture of live and sampled music. He is a visionary artist who has brought some cool sounds to the genre.

Being A Blogging Neighbor

Blogging Still RulesMany of the graphics I use on my blog come from images searched for on Google. Those images are copyrighted by their sites of origin. I use them in the spirit of non-commercial fair use. My blog is a non-profit, non-revenue generating enterprise.

I do post a lot of original pictures and do so directly on my blog and on Instagram. Those posts are a part of my story and I don’t always want them repeated without permission.

If I post something personal meaning anything related to family I do not give consent to anyone reblogging it for any reason without asking me first. Reblogging is something I do rarely but I think if involves someones private/personal life extra care should be taken. Creating your own work is what blogging is all about and not just re-posting others stuff.

Being a good blogger means being a good neighbor. Be respectful of others work and ask before doing something that might impact ones livelihood. We all blog in community and it’s important to honor the contributions of others.