Farewell President Barack Obama, I Thank You For Everything! #obama


Although he doesn’t officially leave office until January 20th, tonight Barack Obama the 44th President of The United States will deliver his farewell speech in Chicago, Illinois a place where he began his political career.

I am going to miss this man very very much. His time in office brought heart, professionalism, passion and kindness. He also displayed immense grace under pressure and obstruction. Obama worked to get others back to work, passed national health insurance (you know it as the Affordable Care Act), bailed out the automotive industry, helped bring greater gender equality, marriage quality and social equity to all.

Along with his amazing wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia they were an example of a great American family who deeply loves and cares for one another. She did a lot for childhood hunger and helping military families.

Barack Obama, I love you and you will be missed. I voted for you twice and I would do it again. Thank you for being my president and for giving hope and change to those who really needed it. You made America great through your actions and that is what matters most.

There’s A Reason

Some things happen for a reason. Not everything is an excuse. Most things can be explained through data, human testimony and anecdotal evidence. It’s up to us to discern the difference and help create solutions and to keep our cool when things get tough. Situations are different and you can’t see one thing through the lenses of something else.