Spiritual Bullies

I grow weary of spiritual bullies who come from traditions where its OK to beat up on those who are different from them. If we are going to have a kind world it comes from places where we find spiritual direction and comfort and that doesn’t promote that everyone is the enemy who is different from us.

42: A Movie About The Story Of Jackie Robinson of The Brooklyn Dodgers



This movie was partially filmed in my hometown of Chattanooga. It’s about the story of Jackie Robinson who was the first black baseball player to make a Major League roster with the Brooklyn Dodgers (before the relocated to Los Angeles). There was great bravery and progressive vision in making this happen for African Americans at the time. It’s about providing opportunity for everyone no matter race. During this time in history it was OK in many places to be racist and to have animosity toward people of color We need to remember that this is what makes America great.

Mental Health Weekend

I have a 3-day weekend which means I am hoping my mental health will be much improved after. Work has he stressed and every now and then you just need a break. I have been productive today and I will hopefully get things done at home. Self care I hear is important and since I am rarely sick I don’t take many sick days. I am glad to be chilling out today.

Not Here To Argue, Here For The Blogging

It’s OK if you disagree with me, not everything I write is meant to be agreeable with everyone. It’s OK to leave comments on my posts with an opposing view. Just know I won’t get into an argument or lengthy debate. It’s not what my blog is for. Respectful dialogue is encouraged but you know there’s too much arguing going on these days. I am going to try to see things from others point of view while holding on to mine. Of course growth comes from knowledge gained. I come in peace and to advance the cause of people on the fringes and to show some grace, peace and most importantly love.

Also know new followers I am a left-leaning believer in God who will stick up for human and civil rights as well as all those who want to have equality and full access to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.