Why I’m Over Being Faith-Shamed By Other Christians | john pavlovitz

I am over being shamed by other Christians for my views on the things happening in the world and for pushing hard against the bigotry and hatred I see in America. Really over it. Maybe you know wha…

Source: Why I’m Over Being Faith-Shamed By Other Christians | john pavlovitz

I am a left leaning Christian who believes with my heart and mind. My faith tradition is one of inclusion, inspiration and involvement in not only the parish but the planet.

Daily Prompt: Doubt

Everyone has those insecurities and uncertainties that makes them question their abilities. We are also uncertain about others and what they are able to do. Doubt is a feeling that we all have about things internal and external. We even have doubts about things that we hope will happen but realize they have a strong chance at not panning out. One could say that doubt can be the absence of faith or trust but there seems to be more to it than that. Our attitude can determine how things come out in the end though, no doubt about it.

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