WordPress.com Blogging and Social Network

I am thinking that WordPress.com is a great social network for bloggers. Everyone here is bringing something special and unique into the blogosphere. The people here like writing in long-form about things they love and care about.

I am finding that as we blog we are making connections with like-minded people who are sharing with the world a little of who we are. It’s those links that make blogging fun and rewarding. Anytime you discover a new blogger who you like its like uncovering gold and you establish new friendships with people around the world. I am grateful for the people I have connected with over the years and It’s humbling that they like me too. Bloggers are among my favorite people and there are some I have become big fans of and its great to have a mutual admiration society that is welcoming and understanding.

Duplicate Posts, Changing Person, Life Blogging

Have you ever wrote on something and found out you wrote about the same thing in an earlier blog post. I look through my blog and see that there are multiple posts about the same topic. Perhaps its a matter of new information, new perspective and new inspiration that provides new material.

The world has many many things to post about but in reality we will never experience it all. What we know and experience in our own lives can change day by day. So how we felt about something earlier can be different now.

It’s about personal growth that leads you to continue to curate and chronicle your life in such a way that you can see an evolution on how you felt about something lets say 5 years ago and how you feel about it today.

Day after day we live, grow and change and its interesting to see where we are going in this journey of life. So if you see multiple posts about the same thing from a blogger just think of it as reading the story of who that person is and where they are going in this crazy thing called life.

So duplicate posts can mean a changing person in their life blogging.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hi friends! Somehow the weekend has come and gone quickly. I guess that is what happens when you have fun, unlike work when it seems to go by very slowly. Today has been about celebrating the Sabbath in finding rest with spiritual, familial and friendship ties. For me every good Sunday is like that. Of course I took a much deserved nap because days like this deserve a good nap. The new week is upon us and there will be much to do so until waking up at 6 AM on Monday cherishing every moment we can is a good thing. I hope your day has been one of doing the things that make you feel good.