Going Through Stuff

To all my friends going through tough times I wish you grace, peace and love. Right now life is difficult for many of us and we all have to find comfort and care in those who love and care for us the most. Whatever stuff you are going through know there are others who have the same experience, find those people who can help you get past it. No matter what hang in there, things will be OK in time.

International Women’s Day, March 8th #womensday

Honoring women all around the world for how they make our lives awesome! Thanks to the women in my life who are amazing and truly special!

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Today is International Women’s Day. This is a day to honor the contributions of women around the world. Thanks to the women in our lives who make our communities and families better for us all. It takes a woman to make things work and to get the job done. You all are awesome.

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Daily Prompt: Nervous

The uncertainty of the world has everyone on edge. Our nerves can only take so much. We all have been nervous about something or another. We have all waited for something we really wanted and we were not sure we were going to get it. Perhaps it was the results of a test that could determine a school grade or our quality of life. There is an element of fear in being nervous because it involved the unknown and a level of anxiety about where things are going to go in the future. Nervousness is a legit emotion and feeling at times it is something you have to feel and experience.

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