Something About Being Good Enough

Sometimes your best isn’t good enough in the grand scheme of things. You try and try and for some reason it doesn’t get things done. When the bar is set high you have to deal with expectations that are hard to reach. Being a human being you have your strengths and limitations and one outweighs the other. That is time when you realize you need to step back and realize what you can do vs. what you can’t do.

Daily Prompt: Immerse

When you want to experience something fully and completely you immerse yourself into the things that will inform and change you. There are things that require you dive into the deep end of the pool. So often we find ourselves becoming one with the subject matter at hand as to give us deeper insights and life changing information. To learn something new you have to have an immersion experience so that you will pick up on it quickly.

via Daily Prompt: Immerse