Fostering Conversation And Respect

I hope to express myself on my blog in such a way to not offend anyone on a personal level. Of course we will have differences on various things but I hope to build bridges and understanding on the topics of the day. If you have ever been offended let me know so we can work it out. Fostering conversation can be a good thing and will bring people together.

I also reserve the right to post what I want here but in a responsible manner.

Personal Addressing

I was born and raised in the American south where my parents and grandparents taught me to say ma’am and sir to my elders. As I have grown I extend that to people equal and younger than myself. This is not to be patriarchal but to be polite. However I know the rules have changed because of gender preferences so I try to handle how I address a person based upon their personal preferences and hope I remember it all.

When someone calls me “baby”, “sweetie”, “sugar” it confuses me because I am of the persuasion that those titles need to be reserved for those closer to them in relationship. Tonight I was called “sweetie” by someone in a local drive through. I don’t know how to react to that. They probably were called that themselves so they think its cool to do it to others and I get that however in a professional setting I don’t think its cool because it could be misunderstood by some who think its flirting. Maybe it’s a tool of the trade to get a bigger tip or something but it’s really not necessary. Some spouses could be offended by use of such nicknames.

Maybe I am making a bigger deal out of it than there should be but you know in the world we live in being safe is better. What do you think?


Daily Prompt: Label

Canned goods, clothing, hardware, makeup most everything you buy has a label to it. A label can tell the story of something you are buying. Humans have labels, some are pretty accurate while others can unfairly characterize someone based on looks, nationality, religion or something else. Everyone labels everyone else, it’s just a fact of life. Sometimes labels are accurate while other times it can be cruel and unkind and false. No one wants to be labeled or judged but we all do it whether it be subconsciously or overtly. To label someone isn’t good because unlike a hammer, human beings have feelings, emotions and a heart that is easily broken.

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