Cecil’s Truck

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Today we went to the memorial service of the father of a friend of ours. His name is Cecil and in listening to the eulogy delivered by his Daughter you got a sense of how reliable and dependable this man was. I never got the pleasure to meet him but in knowing the people who did I got a sense this was a man who excelled in what he did for a living and cared deeply about his family.

This truck is a symbol of that dependability. This vintage Ford was Cecil’s dad’s truck which has been in the family for years. I think that if you care about something and do your best for those you love and care about then your life will be much better. Now-a-days vehicles are made from aluminum and fiberglass which is lighter gets you better mileage but isn’t very sturdy at times. Sometimes an old school way of building things can be better all around.

The one thing this truck was built to do is to last. With periodic care it has been there for Cecil and now his family. We were glad to be there today for Cecil’s family especially his youngest daughter and her family who go to church with us. Today was a good day to send Cecil off into eternity. Grace and peace to them all.

Breakfast At Mean Mug Coffee On The Southside of #Chattanooga – Good Stuff! @MeanMugCoffee

Mean Mug Coffeehouse was recently profiled on a national TV show called “Cheap Eats” but the food and coffee there is worth every penny. I had a meat-centric breakfast Quiche along with some spring greens. We split an apple butter swee troll that was warmed up and was yummy. The mocha iced coffee was eye-opening and refreshing. It’s one of many good shops that have made the southside of Chattanooga a hot spot to live and play.

Star Line Books, A Great Indie Bookstore On The Southside of #Chattanooga @StarLineBooks

Star Line Books is one of 400 stores nationwide celebrating that independent bookstores are not just stores, they’re community centers and local anchors run by passionate readers.

Today we visited this great place where people congregate and browse books in a real way. Star Line is a terrific place where they have a good selection of a lot of different genres. One great service they offer is that they can order anything you might be looking for. I was impressed with the cooking section along with the local authors titles available for purchase. It’s important to support these shops because they add to the local economy and they provide a important social shopping outlet.


For more information visit http://www.starlinebooks.com/ to see what’s going on there.

The International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum in #Chattanooga It’s Worthwhile Visit


(The International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc.) is a museum and hall of fame that is committed to preserving the heritage and history of the towing industry, and honoring those who have made unselfish and significant contributions to our industry. (From http://internationaltowingmuseum.org)

Chattanooga is the birthplace of the tow truck when Ernest Holmes in 1916 first invented the first recovery vehicle. So, it is very fitting this museum and hall of fame is in my hometown. This is a truly unique museum and it makes you think how important the role of tow and recovery truck operators is. Without them our lives would be less safe due to the fact they keep traffic flowing in the transportation systems around the world. When we break down they are just a call away so we can get going to our destinations again.

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