Napping The Weekend Away

I must need the rest or something because I took some pretty long naps yesterday and today. Resting on the weekends is a great thing because it does help you for the week ahead but there is so much you wanna do other than sleep but your body says differently. The stress of the week before can really impact your weekend activities. Waking up from a nap is hard because you are comfy and cozy. Resetting for the week ahead can be a good thing to help one cope with the stress that lies ahead. One thing you should never do is apologize for taking care of yourself in this way

Stick Up For The Underdog, It’s The Right Thing To Do


It’s noble to stick up for the underdogs of the world. However you have to rattle some cages and tick some people off along the way. It requires courage and strength but its worth it in the end.

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