I Can’t Help

I can’t help I was born white

I can’t help I was born male

I can’t help I was born American

With that being said I can help others who suffer discrimination and prejudice for being something other than white and male. To see injustice anywhere is a threat to everyone including white men like myself. I have resolved to live a life where I hope people feel appreciated, included and loved. This is something that requires work but its worth it. As a person who’s family came across in something more Mayflower than a ship that carried their ancestors over like cargo, I can’t ignore their suffering and a life that has been made more difficult because of people who look like me. Women should have the final say over their lives and dominion over their bodies.

It’s not my place to tell any woman what they can and cannot do in their lives. I believe pay should be the same for the same type of work. My friends you cannot ignore the plight of others because you are comfortable in your existence. I think all people should have the same resources so that their families can find success. The world is too mean these days but we can bring grace into it if we chose to.

I can’t help a lot of things but I can help others have it better than they had it before.