An Easter Commentary

To me Jesus was not a throne sort of guy. A man who spent his ministry in the streets taking care of the least of these was not about having a royal attitude. He spent a lot of time going against the establishment and bringing people together. He was a savior but he was also lover of people who were on the fringes and even the people who were non-religious too. In the world we live today we need less king and more every person.

On this Easter we celebrate a man who rose from the dead but before then He taught the world how to live and to love and that is something his believers have forgotten.

A Easter Message From My Parish, St. Peter’s #Episcopal in #Chattanooga, TN

If you missed being at church this Easter Sunday and need to hear a good message here is a link to the sermon delivered by my priest Fr. John Bonner of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Chattanoooga, Tennessee.

Click Here To Listen!

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