Congratulations Always Dreaming, Winner of 143rd #KentuckyDerby

Today was Derby day and Always Dreaming won the run for the roses in Louisville, Kentucky at Churchill Downs.

I Graduated Twenty-five Years Ago.

Twenty-five years ago I earned my Associates of Arts degree from Hiwassee College in Madisonville, Tennessee. This diploma was hard-earned and I couldn’t have done it without support from my family and the college staff.

In honor of those who are graduating from college and high school in the coming days, I salute you for your hard work. Way to go class of 2017 from the class of 1992.

Something About Titles

Titles are words but they have meaning and the weight of responsibility behind them. When you have a title it means you have achieved something, you have moved upwards. A title means you have been affirmed by those who have noticed you have worked hard and are doing good things.

Some titles are earned by competition against your peers like in civic life or athletics. People work hard to have the title of champion, best in show, best actor/actress or something that elevates you. One’s self-esteem can be impacted by that sort of thing. 

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title Belt (Smackdown Live)

Your resume is boosted by having titles that show you have worked your butt off. I have had titles come and go in my life and there is excitement and achievement when you earn them but when they have been stripped away you feel like you have taken steps back. 

Of course titles can be what you call something you created. However that is for another post.

Fun At The 40th Annual Red Bank Jubilee – Slideshow – #chattanooga

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Today we went to a festival in the Chattanooga, Tennessee suburb of Red Bank. For 40 years they have been celebrating the community with a parade along with food and craft vendors selling their wares. It is important to come together to be in your town to be among your fellow citizens. Red Bank also does a Christmas Parade in December so its impressive for a small community to pull off two major parades each year. Fortunately the weather cooperated and it was fun to hang out and see civic pride on full display.

Daily Prompt: Control

Everyone likes to have control over a situation, mainly their lives. Giving up any control can be very disturbing to some. We all know a control freak out there who wants to manage every single aspect of their world including other people. The idea of having that much power is very concerning. Sure we like to keep the ball in our court and to have complete say so in life but its truly impossible. Forces out of our control determine daily our fate. Decisions are made in mysterious places that can determine what happens in our lives. Giving up some control can be freeing and will relieve massive amounts of stress but the reverse can be true too.

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