Something About Simple As It Seems

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, nor black and white. However there are some things that I wonder about that are in the public consciousness. There is the pro-life movement, but we have weapons to fight wars and to keep the wild west a thing in the 21st century. Health is everything but not everyone has it or the ability to be taken care of when they get sick. Being well is expensive and medicine is a premium and a hard choice for some. We want the very best for ourselves but will often leave others to fend for themselves because there is fear of losing what they have always had.

People went to one type of school as a kid but that same school isn’t good enough for their own kids. The idea of family is awesome as long as the family looks like yours and not any sort of deviation from the “normal”. I am puzzled by those who want religious liberty as long as its their religion that can have the freedom to do what it wants.

Prayer in schools is still there as long as there are tests being taken in the classroom, so why do we need to have it from one particular faith perspective? There is a universal desire to have freedom but as long as freedom is for you and yours but not someone who just wants the same freedom to love and to live their truth.

It seems like some want life to be simple where everything is as it was years ago when they were the ones calling the shots. Now that they are losing control over the situation now they find themselves desperately clutching onto whatever influence they still have and will manipulate things to get their way because they want it old school.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, things are more complex. We have to live to adapt and roll with the changes. Everyone will be better off that way, hopefully.