A Careful Balance

It’s good to have a careful balance of madness and magic in your life. A fellow blogger helped point that out to me today. We all need to be crazy when called upon but we need to make special things happen and to do magic when needed. I am a believer in magic that comes from ordinary things happening to make things better. Without it we are all in a bit of a quandary in life.

Be magic, be mad, be yourself!

Sharing The Work

Work requires teamwork to make any enterprise happen. Everyone must do their share to keep things moving forward. Progress requires participation in all facets of the activities of any group. When someone is doing their job while others are standing around that isn’t helping the team out. Somehow it should clue the others into getting back to work. There is a level of frustration when you feel like the burden is on your shoulders but others aren’t willing to lend a hand. Frustration and burnout begin this way if you know what I am saying here.