This Is My Blog, Not Facebook

My blog is my blog and I won’t have any sort of arguments in the comments in my posts. This is not Facebook. My posts are my opinions and everything I write comes from my heart and head. I reserve the rights to shut off comments and to delete them too if it warrants it. Trolls seem to be out there wanting to make life hard for people online.

Friends I feel very deeply and conflict is something I am so not comfortable with. A post I wrote about The Children of Manchester somehow became the focus of a back and forth argument between two bloggers. One blogger also had issues with what I said in my post and you know I don’t mind a little criticism here and there but not when it puts into doubt my intelligence and understanding of the issues of the day I am not cool with that.

Well, I have a lot invested in my blog and this is my digital home so I won’t be moved or discouraged from speaking my mind.

Oh by the way I am a liberal and this blog is very left-of-center so you know what you are getting here.

Thanks For Paying Attention Anyway

When someone is critical of a post or ones work that is their opinion, but it can be a learning experience. A critique of your writing can make you better although it can sting at first. I am not the greatest blogger but I try to be open, friendly and informed as much as I can be. I blog from my heart and facts can be missed in points I’m trying to convey. As I said to a blogger punctuation is my kryptonite and I need to brush up on things that I’m writing about. You don’t have to agree with everything I say and that’s OK. Thanks for paying attention anyway. Keep on blogging.


Overanalyzing or hypercritical commentary can sometimes suck the life and diminish the spirit of the heartfelt work that came from a well meaning spirit. I believe in comments and feedback but is picking apart someones posts really necessary? I believe in building up and encouragement in blogging because it helps keep them engaged and involved. Be wary of offering feedback that can do harm when it’s not necessary