Daily Prompt: Imaginary

Socially as a kid I had it tough. I didn’t have a lot of friends. Didn’t get invited to many things. Sure I went to the occasional birthday party and church youth group stuff but I didn’t do a lot of the fun things my peers seemed to enjoy. For a long time I had an imaginary friend. His name was Jerry. I spent a lot of time with him because I needed a friend that wasn’t family. Imaginary friends can give us comfort and help get us through tough times. Mr. Rogers dealt with the land of make believe and that resonated with me through my life. Jerry, my imaginary friend will always be with me but I am glad I have friends now who are an important part of my life.

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Something About Mistakes And Being Sorry

Everyone screws up, it’s a terminal condition of being human beings. You will make a mistake every now and then and you know its OK. We will hurt others or do other things we truly regret. Thinking about what you are about to do can minimize life’s errors. However there are sometimes the failure to think can really impact your life and the lives of others. We live in a hyper-connected world today and your mistakes could be online in minutes.

You gotta be careful. Something you do might impact someone seriously. A best practice when one does something wrong its good to admit responsibility, say you are sorry then move on and hope a lesson has been learned. However there is always the possibility you will repeat the same mistake which happens. I am not always good about learning my lessons, so I have been told. I tend to be sorry even for things I didn’t do which is a serious quirk I have.  Remember no one is perfect. No one, sorry to say.

Happy Saturday Fellow Bloggers and Others!

I hope you are having a great Saturday. This morning I made french toast and fried up some sausages for breakfast. Since I am the domestic type I tidied up the kitchen and did a few other things too. Now I am settled down for some computer type activities, you know catching up on blogging, social feeds and that sort of thing. More importantly I have chilled out today which I needed to do. Tonight I am going to try my hand at doing fried rice with pork and some veggies from the fridge.

My local cable provider finally added BBC America in HD after asking for it for years, so tonight I get to watch Doctor Who in its full glory like everyone else.

Saturdays are best when there is downtime involved. I hope whatever you are doing today its full of fun! Keep on blogging everyone.