Understanding The World From My POV

I don’t know everything and sometimes I put my foot in my mouth. Being a man who wants to respect people means asking questions and sometimes they come out kind of dumb sounding. To me I guess its better to care and make a fool of ones self than to not give a damn at all. Life has a lot of moving parts that are changing so I want to stay with the flow of it all. I believe faith and humanity are fluid things and sometimes being on the bleeding edge can be a challenge. I believe in the magic of God and love and people. Everyone has a point of view and the more information the better.

Pentecost Sunday 2017


The seven-week liturgical season of Easter immediately follows the Triduum, climaxing at Pentecost. This last feast recalls the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus’ disciples after the Ascension of Jesus. Pentecost is also the birthday of the church. At St. Peter’s Episcopal Church this morning we will celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit that continues to inspire and change the world.