The United Kingdom General Election 2017 – GO VOTE! #GE2017


To my friends in the UK, GO VOTE! Your voice needs to be heard June 8th. Every vote matters. It will impact everyone in the future. You have a chance to make a difference. Be the change you want to see. Take a friend or two to the polls. You can make history.

Blogging With Instagram, Not A Fan

Instagram is a wildly popular photo sharing app that has made sharing of everything you see easier and fun. I don’t think it’s meant to be a blogging platform. I share pictures from Instagram on my blog but I don’t do blog style posts on Instagram. The two have different purposes. 

To me Instagram enhances and extends the reach of my blog. Now I can share photos in many different ways on WordPress so that means I don’t have to fully rely on Instagram.

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words so you don’t have to write 1000 words on an Instagram post. Every social platform has it’s purpose and strength and when choosing how best to communicate it’s a best practice to be mindful of your audience. Don’t get me wrong, I like Instagram but not for blogging.

This post was written on my WordPress app so I can write a long-term post and still make my point and reach a wide audience. I will always be a blogger so everything else is a support to that activity. Keep on blogging my friends.