Surprising Results In The UK General Election #GE2017

My goodness there are some unexpected results coming in from the UK General Elections, sounds like a huge surprise is unfolding. Labour is doing very well and will take seats from other parties. Jeremy Corbyn has reinvigorated the Labour party and this gamble by Prime Minister Theresa May has certainly backfired. Will she get the sack or will she resign, sounds like she has limited options politically. We shall see what happens on Friday when all this shakes out.

High Drama Political Thursday

As former FBI director James Comey is being questioned in Congress today the United Kingdom is voting on a new government. Today is a high drama political Thursday. It’s amazing to see the news coming fast and furious today.

Needless to say I will be watching the UK returns as late as I can tonight. Also I will process the Comey testimony. 

Some folks will be very glad for the weekend.