Something About Understanding

Understanding can build bridges and connections where as shaming is about destruction of spirit and soul. I think people need to be more sensitive to the plight of others and that their circumstances are sometimes out of their control. We live in a very diverse world where no two people encounter life in an identical way. Opening your heart and mind can go a long way into creating peace both communally and individually. Maybe this is the door to peace?

Daily Prompt: Total

We obsess with the notion of how much we lose, gain, acquire and how we impact our Total. Our work judges us by our total this or that and if we are doing this or that well. Total is also a breakfast cereal that is found on a grocery store aisle so we eat it too. When we are good at a lot of different things we are the total package. Calculators, spreadsheets, sports stats are something that involves totals. When at war total devastation is the aim for those on the battlefield. Total means a lot of different things to different people. What is your total?

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Wow! Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods

It looks like Amazon went shopping and picked up Whole Foods in a surprise acquisition. Amazon has been doing some brick and mortar stuff lately but this is kind of a surprise. Now your whole paycheck can go to Amazon for media to milk.