Happy Pride To My LGBTQIA Friends

happy pride

To all my friends in the LGBTQIA community who are marching this month you have my support, prayers and love. I am proud to be an ally to you in being able to love and live with the freedom many have enjoyed for generations. I hope you will continue to be who God created each of you to be. Be proud of who you are. Grace and peace and more importantly love.

Happy Eid Mubarak To My Friends Celebrating Today #eidmubarak


Eid Mubarak or Blessed Eid (Arabic: عيد مبارك‎‎) is a traditional Muslim greeting reserved for use on the festivals of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr. Eid means “celebration” and refers to the occasion itself, and Mubarak means “blessed”; for example, performing the Eid prayer. (From Wikipedia)

To all my friends celebrating may this be a time of peace, joy, love and continued reflection.

Perspective On Life and The World Courtesy of The Tennessee Aquarium

Fish and Sharks swimming at the Ocean’s Journey section of The Tennessee Aquarium

I was looking at this section of the Tennessee Aquarium and a couple things struck me. These animals don’t know what in the world is going on outside this tank. All of them are just living their lives the best way they know how to. Sure that shark can eat all the things in that tank but he doesn’t. Perhaps he has learned to live in peaceful co-existence with the other creatures in his small world. Yes there are handlers that take care of all their needs but still its a very peaceful life.

As I gazed upon this sight it relaxed me and it reminded me that you have to keep swimming in the case of the shark but being a part of something bigger is quite awesome. There was a relaxation thing too where seeing fish float and swim free of the cares that bog me down. Maybe we need to all just chill out and enjoy the place and space we have. I am glad I had this moment with these creatures and this place. Perhaps I need this more often.