Happy Birthday Dad, 70 Years Awesome!


Today is my dad’s 70th birthday. He is a wonderful man who influenced me to be the geek I am. My dad served in the United States Air Force out of high school. He then married my mom and they have been together for 50 years. During that time he raised a couple of kids who have gone on to do good things too. I love my dad for being a guy who loves and cares about family, friends and community. It’s strange to say you are blessed with your parents because they came before you but in this case I will say I am grateful for this man for being a provider and a friend as we both have gotten older.

Dad, I love you. Happy Birthday!

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Happy Canada Day 2017

To all my Canadian friends have a great Canada Day. Celebrating 150 years is a great milestone. Oh Canada!

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To my Canadian friends and fellow bloggers I hope you will have a great Canada Day celebration today. I have great respect for your country. May it always be true and north. God bless your home and native land today and always!

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