Just Working Hard – Just Saying

I make an effort to work hard daily. There is a thing called job security that is nice but I don’t do my job well because of that. Being good at what you do is nothing to be ashamed of but you have to be mindful of others who struggle but work just as hard. To me grace is helping those who do what you do be better because everyone wins that way. Too many people are selfish with their talents and even time but you don’t have to be. Just working hard does pay off and when others enjoy that same opportunity it lightens the load for everyone or it makes your whole department better and it means more opportunities to expand what you are doing and getting more resources. So just working hard is a great thing for everyone. Don’t you think?

Yet Another Change! Back In Time To 2014, The Theme!


I have gone back in time to Twenty-Fourteen, the theme that is. The mood needed to be lightened up a bit here on the blog. Several bloggers I follow still use this great theme and make it work. So I am using it too. What do you think?