Something About Music

Music is supposed to set our souls free of pain but sometimes it does the opposite. It should give people an idea of what you are going through. When a person dies it’s the music that gives us clues of their heartache. Sometimes the music covers up what is happening down deep. May the music of your heart be something soothing, comforting, healing.

Throwback Thursday #TBT – Apollo 11 Moon Landing – July 20, 1969

This happened a few weeks before I was born. 

When man landed on the moon it was a great moment in history. We the American people were challenged by President John F. Kennedy to soar to new heights and to do something awesome. It required the work of brilliant and talented people to make it happen. We haven’t done anything like it since. Maybe we need to dream again.

Who I Follow In Blogging Terms

I only follow personal bloggers or and select commercial sites here on I am here to blog about what I’m interested in and to make connections with real live people who share a passion for blogging like I do. I appreciate all who follow me and I celebrate our friendship and connecting through blogging. 

Another Rant About Political Correctness, It’s Necessary

Political correctness exists because some people have been excluded from opportunities and that certain groups continue to be viewed with prejudice and hate. There is a lack of kindness, politeness and courtesy that requires a shift of mindset on a societal level. In a perfect world political correctness would not have to be a thing. Being kind and polite would be natural and organic. But as long as women, minorities along with religious and racial communities continue to get the short end of the stick and face a real struggle and hate then we need political correctness.