The States of Sad Times

Being in America at the moment is exhausting because of the constant chaos that is wrapped up in our federal government. The person who is causing much of the problems just happens to be The President of The United States (POTUS for short). If it isn’t the Russia scandal, its the health care crisis his party has manufactured for the past 8 years and then its today’s announcement of the ban on Transgender service people in the military. It seems more and more doors and opportunities for people on the fringes are closing.

The whole notion of making America great is one of helping people like Donald be better off. I can’t think of anyone who voted for him who is doing better than they were a year ago. Of course there are some subtle undertones of racism, bigotry and homo/transphobia. at work here. It’s really hard to believe that Trump got this far and what is more surprising is how many believed that he could do everything.

I mourn for my country. My friends we are not the greatest place to be anymore. Don’t even think that for a moment. Right now its Canada, Germany and France leading the way in the free world.

I am trying to keep hope alive as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King once said but its really hard to. This is the States of Sad Times.

LGBTQ Service

I love and support my LGBTQ friends and I believe they should have the right to live and serve as citizens as well as the right to life, liberty and happiness afforded to all who call this country home.

Transgender people should not be denied the opportunity to serve in the military. They have much to offer and we need people of all walks of life to serve and protect. America is the land of freedom and opportunity so this sounds like something contrary to what makes this country special.