A Needed Reminder For America

Ronald Reagan once said America is a shining city on a hill. I believe that promise is still possible but it will be achieved by love, grace, mercy and inclusion. It will take a village saying yes we can. America is stronger together. America is a better place when every person can realize the promise of the founders then and now of our freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness without bounds.

As an American first and Democrat second I worry about a future where every person can dream and hope and love who they choose. The America I know shows compassion and toughness when needed.

Our moral compass is built on liberty and justice for all. No matter what your faith, creed, heritage and gender you should have a true level playing field. The days ahead are about setting the table for the future and showing our kids that boasting and bullying are not the hallmarks of what a leader is about. It’s about a lifetime of service of helping people from every walk of life and putting people first.

(Posted on Facebook July 28, 2016)