Diana Princess Of The People #TBT

Princess Diana left this world 20 years ago today in a tragic car crash in Paris. Her legacy has impacted the world in all this time. He son’s William and Harry have carried on her mission of being there for the people. She would have been 56 had she lived. Who knows what more she would have been able to do. Her daughter-in-law Duchess Catherine and her grandkids are making their own contributions to the work that Diana would have done. Remember her today as a human being then a member of a royal family.

Forgive Me

Each person has the freedom to express their own views and opinions on a wide array of topics and subjects. However those opinions will not be shared by everyone. There will be disagreements and sometimes they get heated. To anyone who has been hurt by me or has felt like I have disrespected or dishonored you in any way I am truly sorry. Yes, I let my bleeding heart get the best of me too often. Building bridges of understanding is what should matter most in the world we live in these days. I humbly ask for forgiveness. Thank you.

In My 48th Year, Possibilities, Opportunities and Other Stuff

I am thinking about what I am going to be in this new year and to be honest I am not sure. The one thing I think I can do is to strive to be myself without fear or favor. Why the hell not because being genuine brings in other genuine people. Of course in any new personal new year there is opportunity for change and personal development. We all should be open to possibilities. Maybe I would like to get to know me better.

One thing I will say is that is that I am open to being friends with people of all ages, races, orientations, creeds and stripes. So for some of you millennials you are stuck with a middle-aged dork for a friend, hope you are OK with that. For some who are north of me in age you got a whipper snapper for a friend too.

Let’s see how things go, lets hope they go far, lets hope because that’s a good place.

Happy 48th Birthday To Yours Truly!

Today I turn another year better, wiser, nerdier. It’s my 48th birthday and I am not sure how I feel yet. Celebrating another trip around the sun is always a good thing but what you do in all those trips and how you live is what matters most. I won’t be taking today off which is what many people do on days like this. Let’s make today a day of celebrating all our lives no matter what stage in life we are.