Creative Blast – The Stuff From The Speakers

The stuff from the speakers opened minds and souls to interesting possibilities. We turned it up til the speakers broke and still continued to listen in our minds boom box. It was the lyric, the moment, the truth that was needed in the moment. The reflection of what we were seeing from the words becoming flesh were startling, baffling, real. Everything in this time is now messed up, surreal, dystopian. Let’s see what can be done when the call of the music infects our hearts making one at peace or turmoil. When it all comes down to it the groove of the record and the message it contains is what matters most.

More or Less of Something

Have you ever thought something was one way but it turned out to be another. It’s like you swore you had more of something then to find out there was way less to start, you know cookies for example or other things you like a whole lot. You swore you had more of something than you really had. Maybe it’s wishful thinking or perhaps your mind playing tricks on you. All this must sound really confusing but you know I wanna just see what others have experienced. I am pretty sure everyone has a time when they thought there was more but really less of something. Yep all of this is just weird.