Everyone Has A Story To Tell

During the retreat I heard some incredible stories from people of faith. We all have stories to tell where things have happened to us that have shaped who we are. It’s important to tell your story because we all have something to say that can move others. Everyday the tale that is your life is being written. Be sure to blog it. That is important stuff.

This song by One Direction is a reminder of the stories we all have to tell. No one is boring.

I Have Returned From Retreat

I am back from my weekend retreat on top of Monteagle Mountain. This was a good time to get away and clear my head a little while hanging out with some fellow men of the Episcoopal church in Tennessee.

I will be posting some pictures later. I will try to catch up on what has happened in the blogosphere.

Needless to say I am tired from lack of sleep which is what happens when sleeping in a place you aren’t used to being in. But its always fun to be away and to hang out with others. Seeing different things and finding some peace in the turmoil of the world we have seen is good too.

I hope you have had a good weekend, good people.