Happy #SolarEclipse2017 Day Everyone!


We are all a buzz about the eclipse that is coming today. People are taking off and some schools have closed to observe this rare event. Above is a map of how the eclipse is going to cover Tennessee. Here in Chattanooga we should see a good portion of it while folks north and east of us will get totality. It’s going to be a interesting sight to see and that is just the people who will be gathering to observe skyward.

Sometimes I Wonder About Me

Sometimes I wonder if I am all that interesting. Maybe I am hard on myself for thinking that. This past weekend I found myself thinking here I am a total nerd hanging out with some other people who are so different. Diversity is good. Much of what I am into would be kind of thought weird by others. Perhaps its good to be different and to march to the beat of your own drummer. Like anyone all I want is to be taken seriously and to know what I have to say matters and has value. Once you get to know me I am pretty cool or something like that. Is that too much to ask to be thought of and for someone to initiate a conversation with me first. Without sounding narcissistic I am worth it. Dang it I have a voice and opinion and heart.