A List Of Fours

In sharing more about me here is a list of fours that was inspired by something from Facebook.

Four places I’ve lived
1. Signal Mountain, TN
2. Red Bank, TN
3. Chattanooga, TN
4. Murfreesboro, TN

Four places I’ve Worked
1. Blood Assurance
2. Olan Mills/Lifetouch Church Directories
3. The Daily News Journal Newspaper
4. Webbco Graphics

Four things I love to watch on TV.
1. Sci-fi stuff like Doctor Who
2. Dramas
3. Cooking/Home Improvement Shows
4. Public Television

Four places I have been
1. Orlando, Florida
2. Maui, Hawaii
3. Chicago, Illinois
4. New York City

Four things I love to eat
1. Reuben Sandwiches
2. Asian Food
3. Breakfast
4. Barbecue

Four favorite drinks:
1. Cherry Cola
2. Hot/Iced Coffee
3. Milk
4. Stella Artois

Now you give it a go. Come up with your own lists. Have some fun.


Status Update

The week is almost done and that is fine by me. The X-ray in my previous post was taken at my chiropractor because my right shoulder is out of alignment and is causing range of motion issues. Today is going to be a busy Thursday with work and post-work activities. New TV shows are on tonight and that is good. I hope you my friends have a great day.