Televisions Finest Celebrated At The Primetime Emmy Awards #emmy #CBS

The most coveted award in American television is the Emmy which is presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Tonight the awards will be given out in Los Angeles at the Microsoft Theatre. You can see lots of stars looking like they own the red carpet. Stephen Colbert will be hosting and I am looking forward to his comments on the events of the evening and current events.

Here is a link to this years nominees from 

Important Losses, Remembering Good People

The greatest losses of this weekend are of people who made their communities better and sought to live life to the fullest. I am convinced that losing people is so much more worth grieving than sporting events. My perspective about this has changed over the years. Today in this area two people who sought to live life to the fullest were mourned for the contributions they made to their local communities. My friends hold those special close to you today and every day.

Daily Prompt: Sting

A bee sting can be painful or any sort of bad news. A sting can come and go quickly but sometimes there is some lasting after effect that changes you. In life you have the sweet victory but other times there is a stinging loss. How we react to both situations reveals who we are in a way.

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