The 2017 Television Season Is Upon Us

Today is the official beginning of the 2017 Television season in America. Returning shows are continuing their stories while new shows are making their first runs in hopes of being picked up for a full season and beyond.

I am excited for The Orville, Big Bang Theory, The Goldberg’s, Blackish, This Is Us, Bull, NCIS, Blue Bloods, The Voice and more. Call me old school but I like broadcast network shows the best because they have to be creative while being under scrutiny of censors.

Television is an important part of life everywhere and there is something about watching the same show at the same time as everyone else in a country. You can’t duplicate that with streaming service.

Happy viewing everyone!

On The Record

I want to go on record as respecting those serving in uniform both in the military and first responders. They are people who run into danger to keep their neighborhoods and the country safe.

I believe that protests are about a system that doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes taking a stand means taking a knee or raising a fist in the air as John Carlos and Tommie Smith during the Mexico City Olympics. It’s better to have peaceful resistance than to have chaos.