Rambling About Boundaries

Boundaries are a must in the world we live in. Respecting privacy and space is what is best for everyone. No one should have to encounter harassment of any type. Keeping hands and comments to ones self is what we need in the world these days. The world is seeing too many examples of bad behavior. What we are seeing in the media these days is all about imposing ones power on someone who can’t or won’t fight back because it could mean bad things for them. Boundaries are best.

Something About Anxiety

The world is full of anxiety. We are on edge about a lot of things. Sleep is difficult and dreams are not always sweet. Perhaps we need to breathe more and turn off all the bad news. Well its hard to do all that. What’s going on world, why are we so wound up? Peace come soon over all of us.

Black and White Photo Challenge – Day 2

I have been challenged by a couple of my fellow bloggers to do a black and white photo challenge. Here is day two of the challenge.


I make phone calls for a living and I used a computer based phone system. This headset is something I use daily. Without it my job would be very difficult.