Daily Prompt: Fashionable

Being fashionable is more than clothing and jewelry and makeup and shoes. It’s about ones inside appearance that impacts how people view them. Fashionable means how you present what you do to the world. The clothing of your heart, the perfume of your soul, the shoes of your walk in the world. I see a lot of fashion plates who look amazing on the outside but they are just as lovely on the inside where I think it matters most.

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Change In Care

Changing how you are cared for medically is an important decision. Today was one of those days where a change was made in my primary care provider. Making a change after many years was not difficult. When you need a change in anything don’t be afraid to make it especially when it comes to your health care provider. Sometimes you need fresh eyes and a fresh approach from someone who can see things differently. Be sure they will have your back and other parts of you for the long haul. This is no slight against the previous care provider just needed a change.