Full Is Not Full Just Saying

A full life does not mean having a full schedule or a full bank account or a full squad of friends. I think that the notion that more is better is a false one. Quality should win over quantity every time. Enjoy life under your own terms not by what others have said is best.

Getting Away On Retreat


As of this evening I will be away from everything until Sunday. I will be going on a 3 day spiritual retreat which means my blog will be taking a break. I will be posting some throughout today and I plan no automatic posts over the next few days. You need a break from me. Feel free to browse through my blog and catch up on old posts if you wish. I have some great stuff that I have posted over the past couple of years.

Getting away is a good thing every now and then so that you can take inventory of yourself, your beliefs and to just plain renew your soul. Communing with other believers will be good for my mind, body and spirit. Retreats are meant to remove you from your daily routines. Giving up some control over your circumstances can be a way for you to not have to worry about whats next. I am looking forward to hearing my God speak to me. Getting away from what’s happening in the world will be great.

Thank you for being wonderful friends and your support is appreciated. Grace and peace to you all. God bless.