Transfiguration Transformation

The stories of transformation and transfiguration fascinate me. I don’t think it means being like someone else but realizing that we all have it in us to become different and to do something different. Perhaps it is about being a better version of the person God made you to be.

You Might Be Wondering

You might be wondering if there is a change in me since my retreat. The answer is yes but not what you think.

It’s my hope that through God’s help I will be a overall better person that I already am. Yes, there will be some tweaks in thoughts and improvement in the faith department but that is a good thing. My faith tradition, The Episcopal Church it is a very open minded one where we love Jesus but we can have differences and still respect one another. It’s a big table, big minded place that I love.

Retreats like I went on are a crash course in stuff you already know but need reinforcing. It is a renewal of mind and spirit. The body is tired because of the change in schedule and venue but that’s OK, change can be good.

I will share in more detail some of the things I learned. Everyone can get something from it believer or not.


Now That I Am Back…

Friends, It’s good to return to the blog after a few days of retreat in a very beautiful and inspiring place. I hope you are all well. Being away and out of pocket is a nice change of pace but when you return the concerns of life start to rush back in. Please help me catch up on what’s going on. I will do my best to catch up on your posts over the past few days.

Returning to work wasn’t as rough as it could have been. No serious things took place while I was away. When I got to it today I did make quota and then some because that is just me doing what I know how to do.

The weather around here is nice and seasonal. I am glad its cooled off. The temperatures are what they are supposed to be this time of year.