What they say, and what they really mean – David Carroll’s Chattanooga Radio and TV

Have you ever noticed that when famous people issue statements, or answer difficult interview questions, that they often say the same things? It’s almost as if there is a rule book somewhere, filled with excuses.

Source: What they say, and what they really mean – David Carroll’s Chattanooga Radio and TV

This is really well written. What David Carroll has to say is so right.

Something About Selfies

For me selfies are a snapshot of how one is feeling and experiencing life in a singular moment. It doesn’t have to be about being narcissistic or self-absorbed. But you and I know sometimes its about saying look at me, look at me. I want you to see me in all my glory. Selfies have a purpose but they can also be a mirror into the soul and the soul isn’t always happy go-lucky.  So snap a self picture when it tells your story in the moment.

I am a self professed dork who does take very uncool selfies.

Be the star of your own blog. Your story is important.

The Cool Thing About Blogging

There are many things that are cool about blogging but I enjoy seeing how you all live your lives and enjoy the things you are passionate about. I think that is what this medium does very well is that we can share things about ourselves, where we live and what drives us. We get to see what the weather is in other parts of the world or a new grandchild being born, a new recipe that has really become a family favorite, what new outfit we are wearing these days. Of course there is the opportunity to share the stuff we are going through and to seek advice when things are not easy and we are struggling. This is the one thing that keeps us connected and are the ties that bind. I find everyday peoples stories and lives more fascinating than those who are famous. Heck we are all famous on the web.

My friends your story is important. Keep on blogging for all the good it can do.