Daily Prompt: Identity

Ones identity is an outward and inward expression of who they are. Everything from race, gender, occupation, orientation, religion, family, community and education make us who we are in many ways. Our identity can come from people and things that influence us. How we live and work can be a part of telling someone who we are. Sometimes our identity can be a trademark and sometimes it can be a liability. Our connections can identify who we are. Next time you take a look at your ID you can get a snapshot of who you are and where you come from. The most important thing is to be yourself as your primary identity.

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Pro Tip: Mission Advance

In your work buying into it’s mission can give you a purpose and a desire to do your best to insure success. Building credibility through your participation can do a lot to advance the cause than anything else you can do. Taking care of people who are tasked with the work of the organization is a very good thing.